Construction Cost Planning and Budget Management


Helping Complete Construction Projects on Time and Within Budget

Marcene Taylor Inc. is a cost estimating and budgeting service whose task is to provide effective cost management that translates into reduced and controlled project costs while maintaining quality.

Our Approach to Working With Clients

To complete a project within budget requires both cost estimating and management. For cost management, we partner with owners and architects to meet specific requirements while guiding them and helping with the decision-making process.

Conceptual Cost Planning

We offer conceptual cost planning as one of the first steps that allows owners to validate project budgets and secure funding.

Reconciling Project Scope and Budget

Before embarking on project design, we look into the scope and budget to ensure that the project parameters are clearly defined for all team members.

Working With You From Start to Finish

Throughout the construction design phases, we serve as integral members of the project team to analyze components, identify potential cost issues, and develop solutions to maintain project quality while eliminating redesign and cost overruns.


Providing Outstanding Services and Building Strong Relationships

At Marcene Taylor Inc., we are dedicated to consistently delivering excellent results while fostering smooth and open communication with our partners and clients for the best results. We cater to:


  • Governments
  • Schools
  • Businesses

Let’s Connect

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